Friday, 27 March 2009


Yesterday i awoke at the crack of dawn (7.30- so not really the crack), stretched my arms up and thought... Shall i crawl back into bed for an extra hour?
Good thing i didn't. I ushered my tired ass into the center of Shoreditch to the opening of a new 'Holistic dance and fitness studio'. The mantra behind this non-traditional gym is 'getting fit shouldn't be a chore'. And a chore it wasn't.
Offering classes such as Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Dancersize, all different ranges of yoga from cycle yoga to dynamic yoga to acro yoga (sounds painful...).
I got totally involved jumped right in there firstly with 80s Aerobics. Lots of people had got into the spirit and were donning the 80s look, with leotards over leggings, metallic lame leggings and legwarmers. Shame on me with my holey white top- So not fashion! The class was such a laugh. We learned a short dance routine to Michael Jackson's 80 classic 'Beat it'. After breaking a slight sweat i moved on to the Lindy Hop class, learned the basics of the dance and breaking, leg kicks, lifts the lot. I broke a little bit more of a sweat and having such a laugh with it. Lastly i had a one on one session with professional dancer and Frame trainer Trevor on Reformer Pilates. I am now a total convert.

A day later i am aching all over but am itching to go back to Frame. I had such a fun time there and the they have definitely taken the boring elements of keeping fit out, and injected lots of fun. I hop skipped and jumped my way out of the building and had a really great day, must be all the endorphins!

Classes range from £8 per session to £55 for a 4 week course. They offer short contracts or pay as you go discounted rates. At the moment they are offering a buy one class get one free offer, so i say get yourself down and booked for a class. I think its the most fun you could have in a gym. Gotta get trimmed for those belly tops remember....

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