Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sermoneta studded gloves, Oliver Goldsmiths glasses and Fred Perry oversized bag

These beauties i fell in love with today. They are a black riveted mid arm leather glove by luxury glove brand Sermoneta. These are available to buy at the Burlington Arcade as well as a variety of other styles of gloves in all colours and sizes and styles. The lovely PR today also told me of a patent leather pair that go up to the elbow. I have thought about these at least 4 times this evening. I want these and them. Prices range from £35- £100 for these gloves which in my opinion is very affordable, all i need to do now is find £35-£100 and i will be laughing!
These were my favourite of the selection available at the press day for the current Oliver Goldsmith glasses. Most of the styles are from an archive as old as Joan Collins (what ever that is, you know that number is big), but i have heard tales today of an archive that began in the 1920s with iconic clientele ranging from Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Michael Caine and John Lennon. The classic styles and shapes from over 50-60 years ago have not aged a bit, all have stayed the same just altering the metals and plastics used. I would love love love to delve deep into the archive and rummage about. I can imaging it would be stomach churning-ly, heart wrenching-ly A-MAZ-ING! I need to get me some outrageously shaped sunnies for the approaching summer which i will fill my days with lazing in parks and strolling through Broadway Market with my insouciant style referencing Oliver Goldsmith!...So cute!! Well i use the word 'cute' very lightly, because you can not really experience the giganticism of the beast, in fashion we saw over-sized. 'Cute' as it is to me, the monster of a bag was towering over all the other bags and skimming my thigh, and i am a tall(ish) girl of 5' 6.5", so you can imagine the presence it captured. It was more of a weekend bag, no i mean weekend home. I could have crawled in there and lived in it. I would have crawled in it, and i would have loved it all!


Style Salvage Steve said...

Wow, I want those studded gloves and the oversized fred perry bag for myself! Good work uncovering these beauties.

Celia Loves... said...

I aim to serve sir!