Monday, 27 April 2009

GO BUY NOW: Galibardy Jewellery

Hungover and tired and very oh-so-spangled, i made the brave decision to leave my house on a Sunday morning and turned my back on to the idea of spending it on the couch (watching Come Dine With Me for 8 hours straight last Sunday was amazing, but what a waste of a day!). I headed into Brick Lane. Lest the fact that i was starving and wanted to eat everything and anything AND everything, i also wanted to hit the Sunday Up Market. What a beautiful day it was so i walked, beautiful flowers (at Columbia Flower market) and lots of beautiful people in shorts, I felt beautiful(ly hungover), everything was beautiful! After the walk down brick lane, i approached the entrance to thus said market and was met by this beautiful-ness:

The jewelery label is called Galibardy. The designer, Lisa Galibardy, whom i met on Sunday, has been hand making jewellery since 2002. Where have i been since then? Why was this not on my radar...?. The pieces i saw were gorgeous, and mostly brass metal or enamel covered brass. My favourites ranged from the teeth pendant, the Polaroid camera pendant, the rocking chair pendant, and the penny farthing pendants. As well as the pendants, the collection ranges from covetable rings to bracelets, earrings, brooches and bangles! And the best part was the price. After enquiring after the price of the set of teeth pendant (my favourite piece), my jaw dropped. Only £34! What a joy to find really beautiful jewellery, that i could have easily had everything in the collection and for such a price. Judging by the size of the stall i couldn't imagine that there were hundreds of each piece, so i guess most pieced are limited edition. Prices ranged from £8-£34. Go to their website now and buy everything or pop in to Brick Lane Sunday Up Market and see everything for yourself. Certainly one to keep an eye out for, i certainly will be a loyal follower! I love it!

Trend premonition at Arcadia

To be honest most of us can only dream about owning all our designer fancies. Myself included. So last week was a great opportunity and privilege to see more of the styles that most of us will be able to afford and be sporting by way of the Acadia press day (this included Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, and so on. So here is a look at the treats we have in store for AW09 on the high street. I feel like i have seen the future and it is good! So damn good!

Miss Selfridge are continuing and sticking with the rocker look. Mainly blacks and metallic shades continuing the "I'm with the band" theme. Think oversized tees, black oversized blazers tight black leather or leather look mini's and trousers, metallic finishes, sequins, rivets and studs. All sounding very very familiar, in fact sounds very much like my current and growing SS09 wardrobe. Lovely now, but to think that in 6 months we will still be expected to stick to the looks we are already perfecting now. To be honest i was more impressed by the visual merchandising and set up they had in the Miss Selfridge area. The mannequins were made to look like they were performing in bands either propped up against a mike; with a bass precariously wedged in their arms, and sat at a drum kit. Bring on the festival me thinks!

I moved on from Miss Selfridge to Topshop with the wide-eyed delight of a 5 year old entering a sweet shop. On my gasp-filled travels around the Topshop area, i came across some a few pieces that stuck in my mind "I am sure i have seen these somewhere else before..."*
*Without using the word copy, i will tend to say "In the style of..."
In the style of those controversial Peter Jensen bootsIn the style of Christopher Kane's recent AW09 collection. Absolutely loving the cage skirt and the see-through top combo!
In the style of Prada recent AW09 shoes (see my recent post)

In the style of "Those" YSL cage shoesI noticed a gorgeous trend of the caged stuctured skirt running throug a few stories in Topshop and also on Asos (press day news and pics to come)
Celia Blue Watch: More thigh high and cage shoes!
In the style of the Kenzo AW09 boots! I love the retro rubber heels and the clean space and barely any detail except the small buckle and minimalist lace up detail.
Topshop design boots, i predict these will be the boot of AWo9 from Topshop, they came in varying styles and colours.90s...? So Spice Girls circa 1998!!
Yes! The good old 90s are definitely in, and if you are not ready just yet worry not, take this as a trend alert, trend trend premonition. Worry not for now, lets make the most of our belly tops, denim shirts, play suits and mid-rifts, they will be around in about 6 months. No your eyes do not deceive you, below and above you do see shell suits! I am so looking forward to it!
Ive seen the future! And it is rocks!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The lovely guys at have decided to give me a monthly column writing on their style feed. Tips to guys, recommendations on what to wear and buy, trend alert and thing of that sort. My first installment goes out today. Go check it out...

Monday, 20 April 2009

Chanel AW09 accesories and moodboards

Applause to Mr Largerfeld, a brilliant collection!

Prada AW09

From all the falling in love i seem to be doing this past press day season, you'd think the pain in my knees from all the impact of my love-falling and head-over-heel trips, you would think that would have prepared me for the brilliance of Prada AW09... Well it didn't, I fell so hard.
Seeing the collection simply online and on the catwalk is never the same as actually standing and holding the garments physically in your hands. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:
Velvet high waisted shorts (They looked a bit like batty-riders- so cool)
Absolutely loving this colour, you can not completely see it in this picture i took, it looks a lot more ketchup red, but in fact it is a more crimson red. An amazing colour that packed as much punch as Celia Blue (do i detect a rival)...
Gorgeous sequined Low V dress. And so so heavy to hold.
My favourite look on the catwalk. The thigh/fanny skimming boots i posted on a few months ago. See below for my new favourite boots.
Cute Knee highs. The socks are detachable and there were a few variations in colour ways.

Loving the studded heels, especially the fringing around the ankles of the black pair!

My new favourite boots!! I mean who needs trousers now! They literally were fanny skimming!
And the gorgeous men's studded brogues!!
Look out for some more in my fashion love affairs, Chanel next...!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Leather studded skull caps at Miu Miu Accessories AW09

Well it is looking like studs are hear to stay for one more season. I was very pleased to find a large selection of studded fashion goods at the Miu Miu press day. My favourite being the leather studded skull caps! I have been a fan of leather and stud trend for a while, owning a few items of the sort. I wonder if i will ever be able to upgrade from my River Island purchase i made in November last year.But really do i need to? At just £34.99, it seems a bargainer's delight and such a credit crunch friendly price to the Miu Miu alternative. Seeing as i bought this 5 months ago and Miu Miu are showing it in their upcoming AW09 range, does this mean high street has gotten ahead of high fashion...? Never thought the day would come... River Island have been doing a good job recently, especially in their fantastically designed womenswear accessories (special note to their brilliant shoes especially) and up to the minute and on-trend fashions. The brand once in my mind for poorly designed clothes and poor quality, have turned that around a lot and there are so many covetable pieces i want, need and love.
Nevertheless i think i will still going to hold out for the Miu Miu leather skull cap, although i do not know how i am going to work it with my large quiff?