Thursday, 9 April 2009

Back-to-front-to-back shoes and Pier Atkinson

These are by Romeo Pires. I was been shown around by the lovely PR, and we got to these shoes and my mind did some really weird thing. I didn't understand, i didn't like them, i did like them, i hated them, i loved them, i... i.... *brain explode*
I had to try them on, and surprisingly comfortable would you believe. I think my mind has settled, and i do like them! Would really mess with peoples mind wearing them waiting at a bus stop or something! Ha! Well done Romeo Pires!I have been meaning to post about Pier for a while, i have used a few of his headdresses in a few shoots recently. They are so fun, and the new collection takes inspiration from Barbie, anything to do with Barbie's 50th birthday celebration that has been taking place for the past 4 months? I especially love Barbie's backcombed, teased, electrocuted hair, something i sometimes aspire and model my hair styles on! His collections are a mix of head pieces, masks, hats and fascinators.

Below- SS09 Pier Atkinson (ignore the modelling)
I also spied a collaboration Pier has done for the current AW09 Ashish collection. That is also pretty brilliant. Look forward to hearing and seeing more collabs with the brilliant Milliner!


thefashionlist said...

ciaoooo nice blog..Fosco from thefashionist...ciao

Celia Loves... said...

Hey Fosco! Thanks for the comment, x

The Dark Bohemiian said...

love the earrings and orange balls llol ^^
great pic