Monday, 27 April 2009

Trend premonition at Arcadia

To be honest most of us can only dream about owning all our designer fancies. Myself included. So last week was a great opportunity and privilege to see more of the styles that most of us will be able to afford and be sporting by way of the Acadia press day (this included Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, and so on. So here is a look at the treats we have in store for AW09 on the high street. I feel like i have seen the future and it is good! So damn good!

Miss Selfridge are continuing and sticking with the rocker look. Mainly blacks and metallic shades continuing the "I'm with the band" theme. Think oversized tees, black oversized blazers tight black leather or leather look mini's and trousers, metallic finishes, sequins, rivets and studs. All sounding very very familiar, in fact sounds very much like my current and growing SS09 wardrobe. Lovely now, but to think that in 6 months we will still be expected to stick to the looks we are already perfecting now. To be honest i was more impressed by the visual merchandising and set up they had in the Miss Selfridge area. The mannequins were made to look like they were performing in bands either propped up against a mike; with a bass precariously wedged in their arms, and sat at a drum kit. Bring on the festival me thinks!

I moved on from Miss Selfridge to Topshop with the wide-eyed delight of a 5 year old entering a sweet shop. On my gasp-filled travels around the Topshop area, i came across some a few pieces that stuck in my mind "I am sure i have seen these somewhere else before..."*
*Without using the word copy, i will tend to say "In the style of..."
In the style of those controversial Peter Jensen bootsIn the style of Christopher Kane's recent AW09 collection. Absolutely loving the cage skirt and the see-through top combo!
In the style of Prada recent AW09 shoes (see my recent post)

In the style of "Those" YSL cage shoesI noticed a gorgeous trend of the caged stuctured skirt running throug a few stories in Topshop and also on Asos (press day news and pics to come)
Celia Blue Watch: More thigh high and cage shoes!
In the style of the Kenzo AW09 boots! I love the retro rubber heels and the clean space and barely any detail except the small buckle and minimalist lace up detail.
Topshop design boots, i predict these will be the boot of AWo9 from Topshop, they came in varying styles and colours.90s...? So Spice Girls circa 1998!!
Yes! The good old 90s are definitely in, and if you are not ready just yet worry not, take this as a trend alert, trend trend premonition. Worry not for now, lets make the most of our belly tops, denim shirts, play suits and mid-rifts, they will be around in about 6 months. No your eyes do not deceive you, below and above you do see shell suits! I am so looking forward to it!
Ive seen the future! And it is rocks!

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