Friday, 26 February 2010

Menswear day round up LFW- AW10

The menswear day began with Carolyn Massey's military pattern inspired collection with a colour palette ranging from a soft greys to rose tinted worn and faded prints borrowed from the muted hues of the Tokyo morning sunrise. Wide smock tops in leather and cotton, tailored suits and knits in faded sky greys. Military badges adorned jackets and acted as belt buckles in an entry from a collaboration with jewellery designer Hannah Martin. A glittery all-in one jumpsuit, Tabio fishnet socks and man clutch signalled a romantic and feminine mood to Massey's military uniform inspired collection..

Following immediately after was the J.W Anderson show with a mix of Lumberjack plaids , heavy studded jack boots and a heavy outdoors camping theme. Impressive styling of the collection included Anderson vast selection of accessories including leather neck chokers, belts and anklets around trouser hems and boots. Embellishment in the shape of beading on boots, badges and pockets ran throughout the collection.
The second set of shows later in the day saw Christopher Shannon and James Long both move away from the skinny trouser and toward the wider leg. Shannon teamed walking boots this season with his signature sporting silhouette of track pants and sweatshirts. Silhouettes at times mirrored a footballer with loose fitting t-shirts and shorts with socks pulled up to mid-thigh, a nice variation to the meggings and short look we have seen on the past seasons. Light jackets were layered on top of each other like protection and armour and face paint would suggest combat. The print this season took shape of a paisley print with the CS monogram running through out.James Long show looked to exhibit a boy with a strong determined attitude and did so with a plethora of textures throughout the collection. Mohair's with over sized corduroy, quilted leather with knitted wool and denims with furs. Two jumpsuits ran through the collection taking shape in the over sized corduroy and a red rope print that also surfaced in a few other items…Topman design aimed to show the east Berlin "cool" boys with a punk aesthetic. All the boots were mid thigh length and many styled over the trousers. It was all about the trouser or the coat. High waisted cotton combat trousers in khaki and earthy tones ran through out the collection and a pair of long johns as outerwear, Topman design also offered ripped patchwork denim jeans towards the end of the collection.. A number of statement coats debuted including the number of Parka's, two variations of the bomber jacket in fur and nylon and a shearling coat.

Meadham Kirchhoff AW10

Backstage images taken by the lovely and fantastic Holly Falconer. Check out her blog here