Monday, 9 November 2009

Shoe porn: Versace SS10

Well knock me over and call me Donatella! If my earlier shoe post was not enough for all you hardcore statement shoe fetishist out there, then set your peepers on these (you might need to grab some Kleenex, these just might send you over the edge):

Someone pass me a cigarette!

Something for your morning: Basso and Brooke SS10 Shoes

Morning... Or should i say afternoon!
For some (read 99% of the working population), Monday mornings conjure up feelings of dread despair and the feeling that nothing is right with the world until 'that' 3rd cup of coffee hits the spot. And on most mornings that would be me, but on this Monday morning, i am walking with the other 1%! There is a spring in my step, the world is not so bad after all...
Take a peep at these, might put a slight bounce in your step:

They are a small selection i saw last week from the Basso and Brooke SS10 show from London Fashion Week.
Hope they put a nice smile across your face today

Thursday, 5 November 2009

JCDC SS10- Colour epiphany

Up until a recent colour revelation at a JCDC SS10 press preview, most people who know me know that i have been going through, apparently what could be described as "mourning", in terms of my total adoption of a muted, mostly black colour palette in my every day dress ( i blame this on the goth/grunge trend).
I used to (as close to 4 months ago) have the rule that i did not, would not, shall never ever ever (cross my fingers hope to die, stick a needle in my eye) were black, and before then had a technicolour of brightly coloured garments in my wardrobe. In the recent colder months the staple has been black skinny jeans and leggings, black sheer tee shirts and over-sized tees and shirts etc etc. Now it seems i have had a colour epiphany.

Bring on the summer!

Luella SS10- All things nice...

The whole of the Luella collection was thoroughly impressive with the showroom holding far more items than were actually shown on the day. Like a little fashion magpie, i was instantly drawn to the vast accessory display and more importantly, the cute-sy keyrings. The collection in a few words: Sugar, spice, all-things-nice! There was far to much in the actual apparel collection for me to photograph and blog about, so here are a few of my favourite accessories and a smidge of my favourite garments.

Makes me smile a lot!
Still naughty in nautical next summer?
My idea of red carpet heaven. I love this dress! I want it!
What is the rule about spots and stripes again? Good together or not s good together?

Armani press day- SS10

This is a bit late as you might know that the Armani press day happened a few weeks ago, but i have been super busy shooting various things (fashion-wise, i don't mean bears and deer). There will be lots of behind the scenes images to come later, but i am now going to follow with my favourite pictures from the press days to date. If i could fill my life with all of these, i would be a happy woman*.
Hope you enjoy...

Brilliant bubble gum and pop-tastic colours seen in the accessories. All very summery.
I loved this beaded-mesh-y number. Ticks many of my favourite boxes...
Leather fringe (ra-ra) shorts. Pretty snazzy no? If i were a boy (in the words of Beyonce herself) i would definitely be running around London town in those (with my legs a-kimbo like the mannequin)!
I love a bit of tasseled rope around the neck. A bit like a glamorous noose...
Amazing jelly gladiator sandals
Is it an Espadrille? Is it a sneaker? Whatever it is, i love it!
Celia Blue- haven't seen too much of that colour in much of the SS10 womenswear trends. I love the high shine and gloss of the leather on this bag, the colours really compliment each other.
Lady Ga-Ga product placement....?
A bit of bling... Well actually, a lorra bling!
Jelly, wedge heel espadrilles!

* I do realise that money and materialistic things such as these cant give you happiness, but they do help on the way!