Thursday, 5 November 2009

Armani press day- SS10

This is a bit late as you might know that the Armani press day happened a few weeks ago, but i have been super busy shooting various things (fashion-wise, i don't mean bears and deer). There will be lots of behind the scenes images to come later, but i am now going to follow with my favourite pictures from the press days to date. If i could fill my life with all of these, i would be a happy woman*.
Hope you enjoy...

Brilliant bubble gum and pop-tastic colours seen in the accessories. All very summery.
I loved this beaded-mesh-y number. Ticks many of my favourite boxes...
Leather fringe (ra-ra) shorts. Pretty snazzy no? If i were a boy (in the words of Beyonce herself) i would definitely be running around London town in those (with my legs a-kimbo like the mannequin)!
I love a bit of tasseled rope around the neck. A bit like a glamorous noose...
Amazing jelly gladiator sandals
Is it an Espadrille? Is it a sneaker? Whatever it is, i love it!
Celia Blue- haven't seen too much of that colour in much of the SS10 womenswear trends. I love the high shine and gloss of the leather on this bag, the colours really compliment each other.
Lady Ga-Ga product placement....?
A bit of bling... Well actually, a lorra bling!
Jelly, wedge heel espadrilles!

* I do realise that money and materialistic things such as these cant give you happiness, but they do help on the way!

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Hello from Greece!
How can I buy the jelly wedges,give me the site or an email adress if you pleased.
My email is
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