Thursday, 26 August 2010

Did i die and go to Heaven- McQueen AW10

Yes i did- and this is what i saw in my heaven!

Ohhh, my lucky eyes (and hands)!
I felt so honoured to be in the presence of these beauties. And actually being able to touch and handle them. Earlier this week, i popped into the Alexander McQueen press office to select a few samples for a shoot i am styling for Bulgarian fashion magazine MODA (The 12-14 page story is being shot by the talented George Garnier). The McQueen mainline was out of my grasps for this particular shoot (I did manage a number of fantastic pieces from the McQ line), but what an honour it was to see the magnificent detail in opulence of Lee McQueen's last collection.
Honestly breathtaking..!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Excitement on a Monday morning...

I love getting excited about new collaborations and new collections. The excitement that can only be described as a spine tickling, mouth watering, eye brow lifting instant rush. I got that feeling this morning when i learned that Scott Wilson will be doing another exclusive collection for Asos....

£65 for the Cuff

£75 for the Bracelet

£85 for the Pendant

£135 for the Necklace
ohh- and that ring looks nice too... Hhhmppff! I want it all! And that blue is a definite nod to my old favourite Celia Blue...! I love the mix or 80s and refined Art deco. The collection debuts in 2 days (25th August) on the Asos site. I can't blooming wait!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Celia's Back...

... in action!

Apologies to all who read (present and past) this blog, I have been away on a blogging hiatus for the past 4 months. Shortly after my last post above, I suffered a very sudden and close bereavement. As you can imagine i have had a lot on, and still do but have had lots of support from friends and family over the past few months and (this week) finally feel ready to get back on the blogging front!

Celia Loves...You!