Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Celia loves @ SHOWstudio Fashion revolution exhibition

This was a 10 meter polystyrene structure at the SHOWstudio exhibition of Ms Campbel herself, and the audience were invite to draw onto a separate computer screen and the images drawn were projected onto the huge structure. If you look cloesly at the left of the image, what do you see on Naomi's abdomen...? I wonder who did that...?

Hats auwf...

I mean it is really not fair as i am certainly not a hat person (not through choice, only as i have been blessed with beautiful gravity defying hair and cursed with hat repelling bone structure)! But have a peepers at these fabulous hats.
Hats Below by J.Smith Esquire

Hats below by Little Shilpa

Hats Below by Piers Atkinson

MORE from LFW New Gen exhibition...

Here are some more bits and bobs from the LFW New Gen Exhibition SS10...

Henry Holland
Michael Van der Ham

Fred Butler
Cooperative Designs

Louise Gray accesories, in collaborartion with Judy Blame and shoes (above) made with Nicholas Kirkwood

More great collaborations at Linda Farrow..

Linda Farrow is known for doing the best sunglasses collaboration in the fashion industry. Making most of the sunglasses you see coming down the runways at the menswear and womenswear shows in London, New York, Paris and Milan... In June, at the last menswear Tranoi exhibition in Paris, i saw some of the new collections and 3 months later there is more for me to love and fall in love with! Here are my favourites:Linda Farrow for Charles Anastase. These were my favourite; the large round frame and almost clear but reflective sheen glass are to die for! Very reminiscent of the style my mum used to have when i was much younger and i used to laugh at her for wearing them. Cant wait to get my hands on them.
Linda Farrow for KTZ
Linda Farrow for Jeremy Scott
The last to were to good not to try on...
What do you think?

Craig Lawrence SS10

Here is the SS10 from young designer Craig Lawrence. I met Craig last year when i was reporting during last fashion week and he was showing off-schedule at Blow Presents... This year he exhibited under New Gen at the Somerset House exhibition space and i popped over to have a look at what the expressionist knitwear designer had in store for SS10:
I especially loved the creative use of these plastic bags in knitwear, talk about the bag lady look. The silhouette, motion and activity of this garment would create lots of movement and would be great for an editorial!
I love the delicate look of these to pieces. They almost resemble the metal and mesh-like chain mail you might find on a suit of armour.
Craig's work is always exciting and i look forward to seeing what more the designer has to offer in the future.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mary Katranzou SS10

Mary Katranzou SS10 collection evolved in a vein that looked like a natural development. In her previous lines the research images stemed from vintage perfume bottles, this year, the starting point came from that of blown glass. The technicolours psychedelic prints are just as moreish and to die for. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

The jewellery all blown glass, and very very very heavy to hold... But oh so beautiful, i would sacrifice the mobility of both my hands, just to have one or several on each arm.

Screen Tests- Antoni and Alison ss10

These are a few of the dresses from the Antoni and Alison SS10 collection that i loved the most. the collection was inspired by films that interested them, with some of the dresses named: "King Kong", "Wizard of Oz", "Tess", "Crash" and Dangerous Liaisons". The illustrations are hand drawn by Antoni himself. The dresses are their "screen tests" of what the actresses would have worn if they had been asked to design the dresses for the films.

They are so summery looking, with great colours and the fabrics are dangerously light, i can just already feel the light breeze of summer 10 flowing through the fabric. Oh and also the drip drop of the summer English rain!

The scarves are great to no...?

Rodarte x Nicholas Kirkwood ss10 shoes

Amazing! The heels are pewter and gun metal coloured nuts, and those ARE spikes on the Achilles heel...!

Wow-y Wow-y at Mawi!

With the advent of the much anticipated menswear day of London fashion week, i decided to have a calming day at the London fashion week exhibition today. And my eyes were treated to an array of jewellery including my favourite of all jewellery designs: Mawi.
Mawi in the jewellery stakes comes top of the ranks all the time, and there was not one piece that i did not covet, i mean literally it was like been in a candy shop. I loved it all and will be putting in a personal order of the SS10 pieces very soon. I am sure you will agree that there is nothing you have seen that is more delicious!