Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Celia loves @ SHOWstudio Fashion revolution exhibition

This was a 10 meter polystyrene structure at the SHOWstudio exhibition of Ms Campbel herself, and the audience were invite to draw onto a separate computer screen and the images drawn were projected onto the huge structure. If you look cloesly at the left of the image, what do you see on Naomi's abdomen...? I wonder who did that...?

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jotta said...

There's some great graduate work at this exhibition too- overall an impressive amount of variety shown by SHOWstudio. The hunting jacket by the up and coming University of the Arts London students Sharen Kaur et al was an impressive sign of young designers coming through- well done to them for winning a place in the show! http://www.jotta.com/magazine/articles/362/ual-on-lfw