Friday, 18 September 2009

10 Reasons i want to be a Topman

Wednesday night saw the advent of London fashion week, and cracking off in great style at the Topman second floor launch party at the flagship store in Oxford street. The brand spanking new second floor, albeit slightly smaller and less sparse as the previous one menswear floor, the addition now brings several new long awaited perks for the guys including a branch of EAT cafe, a concession of Sharps barbershop, a larger vintage and concession area, with more from Sam Greenberg, and my personal favourite a larger more concentrated version of the Topman Lens (or at least it felt larger than before....). Here are my favourite picks from the new Topman menswear department...
1. Dexter Wong coat
2. Carolyn Massey shirt and 3. Blazer
4. Topman Design long johns
5. Topman Design Harrington style work coat6. Topman design grandad shirt7. Carolyn Massey bobble hat (modelled by the Lovely Nic Sprackman)
8. Christopher Shannon shirt
9. James Long biker jacket
10. Jacket by Humour

This is probably one of the most exciting thing to happen in menswear in a long time. Two whole floors dedicated solely to menswear, i could have spent all night there (If the champagne hadn't run dry!).

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