Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A mini glimps at Acne SS10

So today was a great example of my last blog post about the fashion press working at super sonic speeds ahead of the season available in the shops. With the gross horrible weather and the definite feel of autumn around the corner, i spent today salivating over the Acne SS10 look books, dreaming of the light fabrics against my skin, their wide brimmed hat shielding me from the sun, the angular shapes of the blazers with nothing more than a sheer belly top on underneath, alas i look out of the window and sigh... not for another 6-7 months i fear. Last night was the Acne SS10 presentation at the Curve Gallery at The Barbican Center which was a was a static presentation with male and female models wearing the coming garms of my favourite brand. Here are a few pictures, i have got my hands on so far. More to come. Please note my wish list begins:-fantastic triple pin heel sandal boot-Amazing silver sunglasses by Husan El Odeh (as the model pictured wearing them told me, they are completely impractical if you are walking a dog or want to look at anything below the bust of anyone- but who needs practicality when you look amazing!)
Its not fair, i want it all!
*more concise blog post on the Acne SS10 to come (I lost my trusty iPhone at the weekend at carnival so i am currently camera-less and phone-less, well at least i have my Acne)*

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Its all about them...Acne rocks :)