Monday, 24 August 2009

A reason to embrace the cold- Full Circle

One of the depressing and often disorientating things about working in fashion is the industry's advanced time scales that magazine and press often have to work in. As some of you know, i was in Milan and Paris reporting for Buckstyle in June 09 for menswear fashion week seeing the spring summer 2010, almost a year before it is due to hit the shops! Meanwhile the last fashion week i attended for menswear, autumn winter 09 in January is already old news in my mind (as the next season has shown already) and it has not even hit shops yet. The upcoming London Fashion Week in less than a month will not hit stockists till at least February/March next year and for all press the Xmas season started 2 months ago. It can sometimes be a real head spinner, planning and shooting a winter story in 30 degrees heat, or vice versa, a summer swimwear in single figure celsius. It is so easy in this industry to jump ahead and of the gun, so i decided to consult my AW 09 look books and refresh my memory of trends and fashion of the coming season... Instead of coveting next spring summer key pieces prematurely, i want to jog the memories of the more urgent season ahead. I was delightfully caught off-guard upon perusing the Full Circle look book. Within their 29 pages of womenswear i picked up a few amazing key items that i would love lining my wardrobe in the coming months.*
Mmmm! this delectable short leather dress, i cant wait to get my hands on this most especially, this will see me through the season, any event or party. Just need to get my hands on the perfect heels.
These Balmain effect shoulders on this outerwear coat. Perfect length, great funnel neck and petite waist, but will have to watch out taking peoples eyes out on public transport.
Not sure which of these i love the most, the drop crotch tailored trouser or the sculptured drape shoulder on the blazer. I suppose they can be worn together, or separately with different pieces.
Off the shoulder jumpsuit with the carrot leg pant.
Last but no least, i feel like i must get into the spirit of the coming cold front. Yes, i know premature after the scorching weekend we had, but then look at the grey/white skies we have today. Gotta think ahead!

It is brilliant collections like this that make me not want to bypass the cold and dreary-ness of the upcoming 6 months of AW ahead.

*curiously and for some reason, all the key pieces i loved were black... Is this some sort of premonition of my AW wardrobe, i fear so.


Cillian said...

Don't fear it, embrace it! Full Circle are so consistent in bringing wearable yet edgy/interesting clothing to the fore...


Francisco said...

I really like the last one. I like women wear that style-.