Monday, 10 August 2009

Ill be A|wear-ing it!

A new brand and a new means of myself squandering my hard-earned cash on much needed frivolous fashion has recently come under my radar. By new I mean recently under my radar. Said brand that I have been shouting high and low to anyone that would listen, is Dublin based womenswear fashion brand a rival to Topshop as I have been told by those who know A|wear. The season of Christmas press day came and went almost as silently as that proverbial tree falling in an empty forest, if I wasn’t there it didn’t happen. I did manage to make time from shooting, writing and costume making… (blog post to come) to pop over to the Yellow-Door press day (Yellow door deal with my favourite of favourites Acne)- Would I have missed that for anything? The answer is no, not for a thing!

A|wear “a high street brand with a boutique heart” really did impress me with the directional and on trend pieces on show, items similar to that of fashion forward Topshop but at a fraction of the price. In the showroom my wide open eyes darted from a fitted blood red winter coat to a Chanel style cardigan and I am happy to say I am now also the owner of my very own piece of A|wear. This lovely studded clutch. I feel like I am part of something new and exciting. If anyone asks me where did you get that bag, I will say with pride A|wear!

Here is a top 5 of key items I will be after in the next coming weeks:

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Cillian said...

It's definitely one of the home-grown brands we Irish can be proud of...I just wish they did men's.


Celia Loves... said...

Oh, its so good! I hope they bring a store to London. Or, it could just be a great thing that you have to get inported... Keeps it exclusive i guess! Menswear would be great wouldnt it?

A|wear said...

Hi guys, did you know you can purchase online? Check out for details