Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is my most recent video for Buckstyle. Beware, there is some blood and gore. Grab a pillow and get ready to hide...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Reid Peppard: Vermin Jewellery

This is Reid Peppard, and this is her vermin jewellery.

Rat alice band with red crystal encrusted eyes and tail.Pidgeon foot pendant (above)
I know it is shocking, but i would certainly wear them. I hate mice and rats and pigeons, but mainly i detest mice and rats (give me a spider or cockroach any day of the week). The very sight of something scuttling in the corner of my eye, gets me on high alert, jumping and yelping like a crazed woman. But there is something about Reid's taxidermy jewellery that just doesn't get that reaction out of me, quite the opposite.

Q. Why Taxidermy vermin as jewelery?

A: The are a whole host of reasons that led to me making jewelery out of preserved vermin. When I first came to London from California i was really taken aback by the constant presence of rats and pigeons in the city. I mean, these creatures that by most are thought of as disease ridden pests live in such close proximity to us, they feed off our waste. Really, they are a consequence of human overindulgence. In their deaths' there is a chance for us to reconsider our relationship with them. Taxidermy can evoke such visceral emotional responses in people-- it looks like something that’s alive, even when you know its dead, there is something about it that touches a nerve.

When taxidermy and jewelry are combined there is a real chance for something beautiful yet creepy, fascinating and macabre to happen. Essentially your dressing yourself with death..

And then of course my cat Panasonic brings me little treats that she has caught in the wild and what better way to make use of them..

Q: I am guessing you cant be too squeamish with guts and gore...

A: When you do it well, then taxidermy doesn't haven't to be all that gory. It isn't as gross as many people imagine. Having said that i really like gory movies so maybe my squeam threshold is set higher than most's.

Q: Did you study jewellry design?

A: No I did not. I studied fine art at CSM. It was a great place to be. I was surrounded by really amazing designers and makers from loads of disciplines the whole time I was there. When I need help with something jewelry or craft specific, I have a whole network of knowledgeable people who are willing to lend a hand.

Photo by Viktor Vauthier
Q: Do you think you will move on from vermin?

A: Yes definitely. I have some designs in the works (and specimens in the freezer). I am working on a grey squirrel bomber hat at the moment.. Actually some people call them Vermin too don't they? Well I am working with squirrels and foxes for the next collection.

Q: How do you think the brand will progress? There is only so much you can do with mice, rats and pigeons right...(or is there)?

A: I am really excited about the future of RP/Encore. I am looking forward to working with new animals and I don't want people to get tired of seeing ratties and pigeons!
In terms of progression of the brand, I am at a stage now where a few more clients and stockists would go down a real treat.

Q: Are you working on any collaborations at the moment?

A: Not as many as I would like to but there are only so many hours in the day. I have been lending stuff out to stylists recently and I am really looking forward to seeing how the have worked with my pieces. In a sense that's a collaborative process...
I did make some work for a Lady GaGa video-- fingers crossed they use it!

I've also been working with creative duo PolzerHoffstedt on a Swedish pop star's music video, which is shaping up to be pretty amazing.

Q: What will the next collection be like?

A: I cannot wait. I am really excited to get started. Expect the same kind of fusion of taxidermy and accessories. This time I am going to make some more elaborate larger pieces as well as the smaller stuff like necklaces and cuff-links. I want to up my game in terms of the complexity of the designs. I don't want to spoil the surprise though so you will have to wait and see...

Q: What is your favourite piece?

Photo by Viktor Vauthier

A: I love all my creations! My friend Viktor Vauthier took the picture of the girl with the white rat wrist chain. That is definitely one of my favourites... Also I wear a pigeon foot pendant almost everyday (pictured above).

Acne Paper Party Pics

Now i am not one to post party pics on this blog, but this was a party worth noting about. It happened on Friday at the Spitalfield Church in my manor, East London. Vodka was flowing and everyone who was anyone was there. It was too much fun, a great party to catch up with all the people you work with on a daily basis and don't get to see often enough.
The theme of the new issue of Acne Paper was enlightenment, spirituality, transcendence and paradise. "As human beings we sense there is more going on than meets the eye... We are reminded about these energies when entering holy places created by great craftsmen and artist... Even the most sceptical atheist, when gazing at the icons, painting and sculptures, feel that there is something godlike about it." A very fitting comment for the grand location.

(L-R) Excellent publicist (to Katie Eary and Katie Rowland) Sergio Pacini and me.

The cover story (above) this issue is a collaboration between Tilda Swinton and Paolo Roversi, plus i got a lovely Acne canvas bag (below), with Swarovski crystals to add to my ever growing collection of Acne. I love it!
Acne Paper 9 is available worldwide from today (19th October 09)

Friday, 16 October 2009

McQueen Armadillo shoes SS10

So i went to the McQueen Press office earlier in the week to pick up some samples for the Buckstyle Halloween video shoot i was styling on Wednesday, and I stumbled upon all the SS1o womenswear samples from Paris fashion week. They were back and they were in my presence! I couldn't help but perv... And then i saw these!

Yes i did try them on!
Simply amazing, such works of art. Fashion moments like these are one of the reason i love and work in fashion.

Not Just a Label Pop-up store

Have you heard...? Online shop Not Just A Label will be opening an exclusive pop-up store in Notting Hill during the 23rd and 24th of October.

After 24 months online, the 2 day event at Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill will see shoppers able to get their hands on the exclusive and mostly one off designs as well as meeting the designers.
Lara Stone, the most recent curator of the site (previous curators include Diane Pernet, Robin Schulié and Amanda LePore), will have her selection available in store as well as a whole host of promising designers. I certainly cant wait to be in the store and get my hands on all of the designs and see them face to face. God knows i love shopping online (and so does my bank card), but nothing beats the instant spark you get when you see a must have item on a rail. I have always found the site so inspiring and a great platform for new and young designers, even I myself have my graduating collection on the website, and although my pursuit to be a designer is on hold, it is always great to trawl the site for new talent. Here is my Top 5 buys from the site:

1- Box dress with 4 stud leather belt by Scott Ramsay Kyle
2- Warp Sequined vest by Lall_London
3- Squid Bodysuit by Donna_Sgro
4- Faux Fur coat by Nikicio
5-Enjoy Coke Singlet by Eleventh Commandment

And don't even get me started on the jewellery.... I love this "Faggott" necklace by Jesuisbelle:

The pop-up store will take place on Friday 23rd October 12 lunch – 11pm and Saturday 24th October 10am – 3pm. Beach Blanket Babylon, 45 Ledbury Rd, London, W11 2AA.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Go.Buy.Now: Jamie Bruski Tetsill

Or should i say Go.Give.Now...

Photos by Ross Trevail

Scottish designer and Central St Martins graduate Jamie Bruski Tetsill has designed this biodegradable canvas bag for Scottish charity Scots Care with all the money goes to charity for Scots in London in distress and hardship. The bag features Jamie's trademark bold print, here with the 'K' in his name. I am a huge canvas bag girl with a collection spanning over 20 canvas bags, and all of them acting as a receptacle of all my daily bits and bobs (basically everything including the kitchen sink) but not just any old sack, no, it has to be something eye catching and with all the proceeds going to the charity, i'd be a total 'dobber' not to go buy one of these right now! Jamie's AW08 collection (above) was tipped by Vogue as "the next-big-thing out of Scotland".

Go to the Scot's Care website where, for just £9.99 you can grab a bag for yourself.

Videos from LFW menswear days

During the menswear day at LFW this year, i was very busy filming and later editing the shows, behind the scenes and designer interviews for Buckstyle ... Here are a few of them:


James Long

Katie Eary

JW Anderson

Lou Dalton

Carolyn Massey

Charlie Casley Hayford