Monday, 19 October 2009

Acne Paper Party Pics

Now i am not one to post party pics on this blog, but this was a party worth noting about. It happened on Friday at the Spitalfield Church in my manor, East London. Vodka was flowing and everyone who was anyone was there. It was too much fun, a great party to catch up with all the people you work with on a daily basis and don't get to see often enough.
The theme of the new issue of Acne Paper was enlightenment, spirituality, transcendence and paradise. "As human beings we sense there is more going on than meets the eye... We are reminded about these energies when entering holy places created by great craftsmen and artist... Even the most sceptical atheist, when gazing at the icons, painting and sculptures, feel that there is something godlike about it." A very fitting comment for the grand location.

(L-R) Excellent publicist (to Katie Eary and Katie Rowland) Sergio Pacini and me.

The cover story (above) this issue is a collaboration between Tilda Swinton and Paolo Roversi, plus i got a lovely Acne canvas bag (below), with Swarovski crystals to add to my ever growing collection of Acne. I love it!
Acne Paper 9 is available worldwide from today (19th October 09)

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