Thursday, 16 July 2009

Inside the style of Robin Rigoulet from the RGBs

A few months ago, myself and along with Holly Falconer (photographer) and Bella Cruikshank (Make up artist), worked together to create some images for a newish and upcoming band called The RGBs. I worked with Holly and the band to build a set and also get the right clothes and props that suited and reflected their style as fashionable young, cool and hip (i hate that word...hip!) musicians. I think we did a good job! After meeting with the band i decided to set up an interview with Robin the only guy of the band with Buckstyle. He had a great style and really interesting clothes.

Article and interview written for Buckstyle

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Styling and words by Celia-Jane Ukwenya. Photography by Holly Falconer.

The RGB’s are constantly described as a ‘fem-pop quartet’; Becky, Claire, Harriet and Robin. But, Robin is not a ‘fem’. A dapper dandy with an adventurous style, Buckstyle delves deep into the wardrobe of the only man of the band and talks cyber hippies, Zion and stealing his girlfriends clothes.

So tell us a bit about the way you dress…

At the moment I like to think that I follow what I call the ‘Zion’ style (ha-ha! totally made up). I watched The Matrix again about a year ago and loved what they wear in the original city. The Cyber hippies are ecological, economical, and technologically advanced. I am also into the back to basics sort of thing … nice materials, nice colors, weird shapes, very earthy, very green.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing at the moment?

My girlfriend’s hat! We just got back from France where it was really sunny. I just nicked it one day and haven’t taken it off since. It’s great to feel that the summer is finally here! It’s like the first day of the year wearing shorts at school.

What is your most experimental item of clothing you have ever bought?

I got this handmade pair of trousers from a local shop on brick lane the other day (and I never buy expensive stuff usually); they have the longest crotch on them and skinny legs. I’ve been watching them for quite some time and hesitated to get them. No regrets, they’re very comfortable.

As well as Brick Lane, where do you buy most of your clothes?

I usually buy what I like (or can afford) no matter what the shop is really. I went to American Apparel quite a bit when it first opened on Curtain Road. I used to work across the road and the people working there use to give us massive discounts. It was really nice of them, but that time has gone unfortunately! I haven’t bought any clothes for quite some time actually. A few brands have been really kind to let us take some of their stuff away recently, such as Lee Jeans.

Would you say you had a favorite shop or designer?

I still haven’t found anywhere that makes Zion cloths! (If anyone knows?) Charity shops are great! And it’s a great way to recycle too. It will always make me feel good when I buy something in one of them; very cheap, helps someone, and is good for the environment! The charity shops in posh cities are the best.

Do you find you are more adventurous in your dressing being in a predominantly female band?

Ha-ha! No, not really. But I’ve worn Claire’s skinny jeans a couple of times. I use to have fun with black face paint for a while as well; I got the bottom half of my face painted for our Everlaster video about a year ago.

Do you find your music influences your sense of style?

Hmm.. We play music that isn’t really surfing any fashion styles at the moment so it’s hard to say. Becky always wears crazy leotards and the rest of us just go with the flow I guess, nothing too serious.

Do you have a style icon, or someone or somewhere that influences the way you dress?

Everyone around me really, especially being in London. There’s a shop window on everyone’s shoulders.

Do you have any fashion tips?

Go with your instinct and don’t try too hard to look like someone else.

You can hear more of the RGBs at Over the summer the RGBs are concentrating on writing and recording new music, and playing festivals (they have already done the Great Escape and Glastonbury this year). They play Lovebox at 12.45 this Sunday afternoon – all details here

Robin is also drum technician and replacement drummer for Florence and the Machine. He also plays drums in Delooze.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My First: Video shoot- "Brave New World"

So i arrived back from Paris and Milan a week ago, tired and a bit dazed, but had no choice and was plunged straight back into the thick of it. While in Paris and Milan, as well as all the shows and reports and filming and editing, there was also the premiere of my first video shoot to organise. I began working with film maker James Yeoman over a month ago after i had seen his behind the scene video he had produced for the Dazed Digital website. After looking at his other videos, i tracked him down via the interweb, i was totally blown over by his work. We began working on an idea and theme for one of Buckstyle's AW09 major trend. I did the creative direction working on getting the right models, the perfect location, writing the script alongside Jim, and of course all the styling. The shoot had to reflect the AW09 trend that YSL, Prada, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Raf Simons showed on the catwalk, the mood of security and protection, a futuristic matrix style ambience. Alongside those brands, i also called in high street and vintage brands like Topman, H&M and The East End Thrift Store. Colours and shades are dark, footwear is high topped and hard wearing, details include straps, studs and exposed zips . A post apocalyptic feeling was portrayed with models Alex Jermy and Holly Dormon, seemingly trapped in a decaying deserted world exploring survival.

This video is going to be a first of many video shoots to come out of myself and also Buckstyle. As the title suggests, it is a new medium which is relatively new. But i am so excited to begin working on it.... Hope you like the film.

Styled and Creative Direction Ceila-Jane Ukwenya
Filmed and Edited by James Yeomans
Hair and Make up by Sarah Barrow
Stylist Assistant: Jack Cassidy
Many thanks to The Pidgeon Wing studio

Best dressed woman of 2 weekends ago (PFW)... Nell Trotter

My week in Paris left me constantly meeting stylish people. The men are so well dressed and look so on the money in terms of the right garbs and the right way of throwing them together and the girls all have that insouciant Parisian style. I have seen a lot of high waisted peg-leg trousers and vintage style shoes. It has left me slightly questioning my daily attire. After the Qasimi show, i started chatting to the lovely PR Nell. She is not from Paris but certainly hold her own in the style ranks over here, just check out all her amazing accessories...
Bag- Basso & Brooke.
Skull Cuff- Great Frog
Pink stoned ring- John Hardy
Leopard ring- Accessorize
Necklace- Tom Binns

I literally want all of those accessories... I am now going to find a way of tracking every last one down, starting with that Chanel/McDonald's number- (Super swoon!)