Friday, 29 January 2010

Lanvin Chocolates?

I saw this box of Lanvin chocolates (yes that is correct, Lanvin) in a supermarket in Paris. So for €8.90 anyone could own some Lanvin...!

Inside Moschino

Attending the Moschino AW10 presentation in Milan this season was a bit like a kid been let loose into a gratis candy shop. Aside from the pretty impressive collection- (video below filmed and edited my me for Buckstyle)

Everywhere you turned there was always something that caught my eye, a bit almost like a Moschino museum. Check out the cool at Moschino HQ, Milano...
I did wonder if it was, and wanted oh-so much to throw my double espresso over it, but the thought of been escorted out of Moschino HQ by 2 well dressed security guards was that little bit to mortifying. Till this day i still am none the wiser...
Fantastic trench coat/biker jacket combo from the AW10 collection.I love this new hybridity (is that a real word) in fashion. Oh and mustn't forget to mention the very incredibly-handsome-sexy model.
Teddy bear picture frame. Huge, about the size of a wardrobe
Another large picture frame, this time made from pegs and twine

Below, a selection of (possibly) vintage bags ....don't quote me on that.

A cow and calf chilaxing in the lobby...
Don't get to close Steve...!
She was a right old cow! ahahahha....ha!
And then these huge snails outside on the road adjacent to Moschino HQ.

Bizarre. Fun
All of this made for a memorable AW10 at Moschino...

More fashion week snaps to come...!

RA Exhibition at Paris Fashion Week AW10

In between all the excitement and the jam packed fashion chaos that was my show schedule of Paris fashion week, i managed to get myself over to the RA exhibition space, and boy am i glad i did. The exhibition was a collective of designers straight from Antwerp showing their AW10 collections.
One particular designers using the space included the lovely and incredibly talented Romain Brau co-founder of the RA store in Antwerp. Just so many of the pieces i saw from his collection could have so easily slid straight out of that showroom and into my wardrobe (but of course that would be theft), i would of course need a lot more wardrobe space with the amount of beautiful furs and fantastic textures throughout the collection, but that is another matter of extending my current wall to wall wardrobe into a full blown out walk in closet (all in the pipeline).
Below are my top 10 pieces from his collection, but to be honest, i could quite as easily have given you a top 100 if there were enough hours in the day:

Starting off with this incredibly unique red fur coat, words fail me.

Cable knit jumper, cropped at the back and extended bib at the front
Wooden carved headpiece- I think someone needs to give headpieces their moment. I would happily wear this getting my shopping at my local Tesco
You can never have to much fur
Knitted trousers with exposed knee. Note the hair/fur cascading from the holes. Whack these on with a pair of sandals and i am off...
I think quite possibly the key item for AW10, the shearling lined jacket. I love Romain's simple take on the jacket. Also note the sequined cut-out vest top styled underneath the coat. I think that will have to me number 6.5 in the list. The time and effort and expertise that must have gone into hand-sewing all the black and red sequins on to the garment is astonishing

7- Chunky knit with feather detail. Romain makes something that should be chunky and weighty look so floaty and elegant.
Gold metallic finish cardigan- incredibly effortless
Sheer feathered dress
Cut-out workman boots, they strike an amazing balance between chunky work boot and sandal. A balance I never ever thought i would want, but quite clearly i do!

Other noteworthy pieces i saw through my perusal of the exhibition include:

I covet this pastel fur coat by Icaro Ibanez. A complete one of a kind.
2- Fur print sheer 2 piece number by Lliure Britz
Fur jewellery by Yannick De Witte

Knitted trousers by Daniel Anderssen

All of these pieces are available to buy at the RA store in Antwerp: RA13, Kloosterstraat 13, 200 Antwerp, Belgium. +32(0)32928780

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Paris fleas: My silver lining

Paris is amazing for many things and one of the most amazing is the aray of vintage and trift (freep- as they say in Paris) and flea markets and didnt i find this out...

After a false start on day one in Milan, where my two favourite coats were stolen at the infamous Punks Wear Prada party, i was livid and upset. Not only had all my outfits packed been carefully planned around these two coats, but also that someone was and is walking around Milan looking fabulous! The plan was to shield myself from the cold with the vintage rabbit fur and then wear a variety of grey sweatshirts and over sized tee shirts underneath teamed with leggings and tights... easy and then any one of these shoes! And then at night throw on my River Island denim Balmain style biker jacket- all effortlessly of course...
Anyway, after drunken tears and a 5am total wardrobe re-think, i had a plan. The coat that got me through the Milanese cold was this military red beauty:
This and of course lots and lots of layering.

Anyway upon arriving in Paris, i did my research and within 2 hours of touching down at Charles de Gaud airport and into our beautiful Marais apartment in the 3rd, i was down to Guerrisol and had acquired these beauties...

This luscious fox fur coat in an amazing ginger colour matching my ginger mane- A snip at €30Del-boy-esque/Prada AW10 style sheepskin 70s coat- a steal at €10

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe this cloud is lined in Parisiene thrift!

*PS- If by stroke of chance anybody does know the wearabouts of my two stolen coats, please do let me know as i am still pining over them...

Front row at Milan and Paris fashion week- Kanye West and Chris Brown

I am back in London and with a stack of SHOW VIDEOS for Buckstyle to edit- no rest for the wicked. I have got so much to blog about, lots of tid-bits to share. So i guess i will start off with the a-list front row. Now this time last year i was lucky enough to grab a short interview with K. West himself backstage at the Walter Van Bierendonck show. But this time i didn't, i did my best in impersonating a creepy paparazzo and got a some (hazy) footage of Kanye West and (Rihanna beater) Chris Brown. Check out Amber Rose amazing Burburry Prorsum AW09 boots in the first footage... CELIA LOVES!

Other honorable mentions for front row celebrities were Pharrell Williams and (sexy) Mr Hudson.
More Paris and Milan fashion week post to come...

Video filmed and edited by me
Music: Down by Chris Brown feat. Kanye West

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Models do think....

Caught up with Tim (London model with Zone Models agency) backstage at Costume National show and he and i devised a mini feature for Celia Loves: "Models do think..." Where models prove they have more than 2 brain cells knocking around in their beautiful heads... I must say i love his earrings:

This also gives me plenty of excuse to talk to sexy models!. Totally professionally of course!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Packing for fashion week... Footwear

After compiling a never ending to do list yesterday, time seemed to have crept up on me and it was one hour shy of midnight and I still with no idea what i was packing and which looks i will be 'sporting' (or 'guying' as my mum would say).
Now i remember (painfully) vividly from last year that Milan in January is snowy and wet, very similar weather to what we have been experiencing of late but 5 times worse (if that is imaginable). The mistake i made last year was packing wholeheartedly for fashion and shunning comfort (some people might believe this is the only way to do fashion week...). My naive reaction to wholeheartedly celebrate fashion extended to the fact that i (subconsciously) forgot to/didn't pack any flats. I know, what was i thinking...? Picture this: me trudging the long streets of Milan, 5 feet behind the rest of my team, in sleet and wet conditions, running 10 minutes late for the Alexander Mc Queen show, getting my beautiful Stella McCartney heels ruined. But picture this for every show and every day for Milan and Paris fashion week.... Not only did my tottering pace drive the rest of the team mental having to stop for me at every block for me to catch up, but i now see what a Fashion no-no it was! Not only the fact that i had to borrow a pair of flats from my other male team members- namely a pair of battered size 11 Converse.
Any way, that was my first fashion week in Milan, i am older and wiser... This year calls for some more durable shoe wear... I am thinking DMs, amazing in all weather and will stomp me from one show to the next...

Practicality aside, here is a selection of other footwear i will be taking with me this season:
Burberry Prorsum AW09- My most recent addition to my collection
My (official) other sensible shoes this season
Mirror heels from Office
Show off some thigh...

I am about to begin my trudge to the airport, bon voyage, see you on the flip side!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


After a well deserved break, i am back and raring to go. Feeling refreshed and currently on day 14 of the proverbial 'new year new you' detox (consisting of no booze and a diet of mainly vegetables and fruit), my mind is clear and busting with so many things that i love and just want to shout out at the top of my lungs....
With a day of shooting down yesterday i wanted to post a few behind the scenes pictures from the shoot. The editorial was a 6 page spread for Diva magazine shot by the amazing Holly Falconer and video shot by James Yeomans. The theme was love with a 90s grunge feel and managed to shoot some amazing pieces by my favourite designers: Mawi, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Acne, Christopher Kane and of course what says 90s more than Dr Martens?
Model Eliza from Nevs sporting Mawi
The 90s clothes rail
Shooting spring summer in the snow...Videographer James at work