Friday, 29 January 2010

RA Exhibition at Paris Fashion Week AW10

In between all the excitement and the jam packed fashion chaos that was my show schedule of Paris fashion week, i managed to get myself over to the RA exhibition space, and boy am i glad i did. The exhibition was a collective of designers straight from Antwerp showing their AW10 collections.
One particular designers using the space included the lovely and incredibly talented Romain Brau co-founder of the RA store in Antwerp. Just so many of the pieces i saw from his collection could have so easily slid straight out of that showroom and into my wardrobe (but of course that would be theft), i would of course need a lot more wardrobe space with the amount of beautiful furs and fantastic textures throughout the collection, but that is another matter of extending my current wall to wall wardrobe into a full blown out walk in closet (all in the pipeline).
Below are my top 10 pieces from his collection, but to be honest, i could quite as easily have given you a top 100 if there were enough hours in the day:

Starting off with this incredibly unique red fur coat, words fail me.

Cable knit jumper, cropped at the back and extended bib at the front
Wooden carved headpiece- I think someone needs to give headpieces their moment. I would happily wear this getting my shopping at my local Tesco
You can never have to much fur
Knitted trousers with exposed knee. Note the hair/fur cascading from the holes. Whack these on with a pair of sandals and i am off...
I think quite possibly the key item for AW10, the shearling lined jacket. I love Romain's simple take on the jacket. Also note the sequined cut-out vest top styled underneath the coat. I think that will have to me number 6.5 in the list. The time and effort and expertise that must have gone into hand-sewing all the black and red sequins on to the garment is astonishing

7- Chunky knit with feather detail. Romain makes something that should be chunky and weighty look so floaty and elegant.
Gold metallic finish cardigan- incredibly effortless
Sheer feathered dress
Cut-out workman boots, they strike an amazing balance between chunky work boot and sandal. A balance I never ever thought i would want, but quite clearly i do!

Other noteworthy pieces i saw through my perusal of the exhibition include:

I covet this pastel fur coat by Icaro Ibanez. A complete one of a kind.
2- Fur print sheer 2 piece number by Lliure Britz
Fur jewellery by Yannick De Witte

Knitted trousers by Daniel Anderssen

All of these pieces are available to buy at the RA store in Antwerp: RA13, Kloosterstraat 13, 200 Antwerp, Belgium. +32(0)32928780

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