Friday, 29 January 2010

Inside Moschino

Attending the Moschino AW10 presentation in Milan this season was a bit like a kid been let loose into a gratis candy shop. Aside from the pretty impressive collection- (video below filmed and edited my me for Buckstyle)

Everywhere you turned there was always something that caught my eye, a bit almost like a Moschino museum. Check out the cool at Moschino HQ, Milano...
I did wonder if it was, and wanted oh-so much to throw my double espresso over it, but the thought of been escorted out of Moschino HQ by 2 well dressed security guards was that little bit to mortifying. Till this day i still am none the wiser...
Fantastic trench coat/biker jacket combo from the AW10 collection.I love this new hybridity (is that a real word) in fashion. Oh and mustn't forget to mention the very incredibly-handsome-sexy model.
Teddy bear picture frame. Huge, about the size of a wardrobe
Another large picture frame, this time made from pegs and twine

Below, a selection of (possibly) vintage bags ....don't quote me on that.

A cow and calf chilaxing in the lobby...
Don't get to close Steve...!
She was a right old cow! ahahahha....ha!
And then these huge snails outside on the road adjacent to Moschino HQ.

Bizarre. Fun
All of this made for a memorable AW10 at Moschino...

More fashion week snaps to come...!

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