Friday, 15 January 2010

Packing for fashion week... Footwear

After compiling a never ending to do list yesterday, time seemed to have crept up on me and it was one hour shy of midnight and I still with no idea what i was packing and which looks i will be 'sporting' (or 'guying' as my mum would say).
Now i remember (painfully) vividly from last year that Milan in January is snowy and wet, very similar weather to what we have been experiencing of late but 5 times worse (if that is imaginable). The mistake i made last year was packing wholeheartedly for fashion and shunning comfort (some people might believe this is the only way to do fashion week...). My naive reaction to wholeheartedly celebrate fashion extended to the fact that i (subconsciously) forgot to/didn't pack any flats. I know, what was i thinking...? Picture this: me trudging the long streets of Milan, 5 feet behind the rest of my team, in sleet and wet conditions, running 10 minutes late for the Alexander Mc Queen show, getting my beautiful Stella McCartney heels ruined. But picture this for every show and every day for Milan and Paris fashion week.... Not only did my tottering pace drive the rest of the team mental having to stop for me at every block for me to catch up, but i now see what a Fashion no-no it was! Not only the fact that i had to borrow a pair of flats from my other male team members- namely a pair of battered size 11 Converse.
Any way, that was my first fashion week in Milan, i am older and wiser... This year calls for some more durable shoe wear... I am thinking DMs, amazing in all weather and will stomp me from one show to the next...

Practicality aside, here is a selection of other footwear i will be taking with me this season:
Burberry Prorsum AW09- My most recent addition to my collection
My (official) other sensible shoes this season
Mirror heels from Office
Show off some thigh...

I am about to begin my trudge to the airport, bon voyage, see you on the flip side!


ELLE said...

You have a gorgeous collection of shoes there. SO jel of the Burbs.

Celia Loves... said...

The burbs were a pretty good choice actually, not to bad for trudging, although after 6 hours they did start to hurt a lot! I pretty much lived in my Clarks OTK boots (not pictured) i got on the day of my flight, comfort and style...! AMZING!