Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lovely birthday presents...

So it was my birthday at the beginning of this week and i narrowly avoided been struck down with the illness that seems to be going around (some sort of cold or flu), anyway, i lived another day. I had a lovely day, made even better by my lovely birthday gifts below:Christoper Kane atomic cloud tank dress
I have waxed lyrical about this beauty since June 09, when the first press release of these hit my computer inbox and now i have one hanging in my wardrobe! YAY, Celia Loves!Yes i can, but now i can cook a lot better! I have already learned how to correctly poach an egg!
Quite possibly what everyone in the entire world needs ....A mini Celia!
Courtesy of Youdoo, i now have my own personal me. Note the exceptional attention to detail my friend Sally took in making this for me (all items are exact replica's of clothes i actually own): a miniature Russian rabbit fur hat complete with badges; a fur coat (styled with a black leather bow); a New Look nautical tee shirt, leather H&M handbag*, styled here with on-trend leather skirt, black leggings and Acne atacoma wedges (the Acne wedges i do not actually own, but one can dream).

All-in-all incredibly exciting! Thank you to my lovely friends!

* I fail to note that inside the exact replica of my lovely H&M bag is an exact replica of a box of take-away chicken and chips! Ha!

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