Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Christopher Kane Resort collection

This is the most recent Christopher Kane collection that i came across last week. I was at the Christopher Kane press office and was perusing his PR agency's rails for menswear clothes that i was calling in for my recently executed video shoot (watch this space for more info), again one of the many reasons for my slack blog posting in the last week (sorry again). Kane's 2010 resort collection is a range of delicate dresses and skirts, t-shirts and soft leather jackets predominantly with the images of large colourful bomb clouds in graphic print. Now the last time that Kane did an amazing graphic print, i couldnt sleep for days and day, just thinking of cunning ways of getting hold of the t-shirts, they were to die for. Kane says about his collection:
"I wanted clean, sexy shapes that are quite easy to wear," he said.
At first you might be OK in mistaking it for a pretty floral print, like the som many that we have seen recently, but on closer inspection the graphic plume of clouds billowing against a contrasting colour sky is breathtaking. Kane said:
"I wanted something natural, but I'm so fed up with florals," he explained in his London studio. "And then I came across these images of nuclear test explosions from the fifties to the seventies on the Internet. I like the crazy-bright chemical colors. The way they're sinister—but beautiful."

These are 4 of my favourite looks that i love the most (Before salivation kicks in and you begin to admire, please be aware that the shoes are not going to go into production- I was very disappointed to find this out as they are amazing*):

What i love the most about it apart from the bold and harsh in your face print, which i love (almost as much as i love the SS09 Christopher Kane Gorilla image t-shirt and tops), is the deep mustard-y gold colour that runs through the prints. Very in your face, very "look at me" which i love! Such a harsh print but so feminine, need to add this to my list of things i need!

*On the plus side about the shoes, a little birdie tells me also that this cloud print will be the next in the new Christopher Kane T-shirt collection soon to drop in Topshop in September*

(Quotes from Sarah Mower review on


Ruth said...

Rarr lovin Chris Kane!

Ruth @ Matches

holly f said...

WOW I agree amazing! So new and inspired...

Cillian said...

I seriously can't believe the shoes aren't going into production! The prints are undeniably beautiful and particularly striking but some of those pieces aren't all that wearable whereas, well, would have been. Pity.

PS. Great blog, just linked to you.


Celia Loves... said...

I know, the shoes are Fantastic, with a capital F! I disagree that they are unwearable, as a girl i propose that i could wear every piece, even the cut-out pieces... Things like this make me understand the power of the word: LUSH!