Monday, 22 June 2009

Milan fashion week...Overview

Apologies for the lack of posting, even though i did promise lots of blog posts while in Milan. I have been having technical difficulties with the internet connection to my room. Dont ask. It has been extremely annoying, cutting out mid-blog... Highly frustrating. So what i have got here are highlights of the last 4 days in Milan. I am off to Paris later today and am quite excited about it all. Had a really good sleep last night and i am now re-invigourated and refreshed and ready to tackle the next 6 days of non stop fashion... The internet situation should be a whole lot better in our Parisienne apartment (finger crossed). If anyone knows a way of blogging from my iphone or an app to down load, please let me know, would make my life whole lot easier. There has been online twittering from myself and the Buckstyle team here, so keep up to date on there too. Hope you have had a look at the Buckstyle website and seen all that we have been up too. In addition to reporting, I can now add camerawoman and film editor to my CV! I now go under the name of Celia Speilberg.... Ha!

First day in Milan, and things are looking good! Such a brilliant show at Burberry and managed to get an interview with Christopher Bailey! Interview will be up on Buckstyle is up now, go read it here... I only had a few minutes with him, but he was so sweet. The show had a real summer feel, with pastel colours mixed with bold primary coloured sportswear. Knits were lights with straps across the torso and ruched detailing in the macs and blazers. Amazing rucksacks too, very well executed. I shot some behind the scenes videos backstage at the show also which is available here.
My day 1 outfit
The Les Hommes show was brilliant too, a very Lawrence of Arabia feel with an emphasis to detail on the trousers. Lots of sheer, ruched, drop crotch brilliance... and a fantastic black sequined trouser number. I filmed and edited a video also on, find it here.
The designers (Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch) of Les Hommes following our interview

The night ended up with a fantastic party called "Punks Wear Prada". I tell you i have never seen so many models in one place...Model Ash at Punks Wear Prada party

A jam packed day of press appointments, shows and presentation. Plus more ticket arrivals... Prada the most exciting yet. Neil Barrett, Car shoe, Churches, Sergio Rossi, Diesel and the stupendous Alexander McQueen. At Sergio Rossi and Churches there was an emerging trend of using foam like material on the soles as supposed to the traditional leather or rubber soles.

McQueen showed a presentation and a short film this year(Watch a clip of the short film here on, opting out from a grand runway show, something i have grown to love and sometimes prefer. You get a really detailled look at all the garments, in a more relaxed atmosphere, with the PRs on hand to explain ideas and inspirations. The collection did not let me down... Absolutely amazing collection. Based on paint splatters and with a somewhat workwear feel. Paint splays prints, hand painted and hand-drawn patterns on blazers and shirts, frantic and kinetic splatters on jeans and hats. Bloody brilliant.
Lots of the familiar faces of the Milan fashion week crowd present at the brilliant outdoor location, McQueens Milanese showroom.
Later we went to the famous Frankie Morello fashion week party…. To much fun… Amanda Lapore, half naked Milanese models on stage, and more models. One of the best parties I have ever been too!My Day 2 outfit for MFWAmanda Lapore at Frankie Morello party
Beautiful sporty gladiator sandals at Sergio Rossi
Paint splattered shorts art McQueen
Painted seam blazer at McQueen
A burnt car at Diesel...
Prada invite
Elliott and Steve discussing the importance of fashion in our lives
The Duomo
The third day saw the Moschino show today and the long awaited Prada show. The Moschino show revealed newspaper prints and floral prints, the show had a nice atmosphere. The Prada show was at 7pm, and the invite that came to the Buckstyle team left all of us wandering what he theme might be. The invitation showed an enlarged script with some unknown prose on it and the walls of the show had similar text on the walls.The show was a suprise to me for a SS show. Muiccia choose sombre and dark colours as opposed to the brighter shades we had seen in other shows. Grey i feel will become a popular colour in suiting in SS. The collection showed deep Vs in shirts and raw edges on shirts. Tank tops and lots of suits. Click here for the video i filmed and edited.
After the show we were treated to drinks at the venue some perculiar black bread with cheese canapes. Me not been a fan of cheese and my wheat intolerance meant that it was not at all enjoyable. But Steve and Elliott could not get enough of it. Canape recipe to come on Buckstyle.Elliott and myself discussing the joys and woes of fashion in our lives after Prada show
My Day 3 outfit

The Dsquared show like last year was a fun production, this year based around the idea of camping and the great outdoors, with the set resembling a campsite with tree trunks and tents. This seemed like a transition to the mountaineering trend we saw in some of the AW09 catwalks last season. Lots of models in shorts, plaid on garments, backpacks, protective ponchos and most importantly, tight speedos. Mmmmm! The show ended with rain (part of the production)... I did film some of the show, i will try and get that edited as soon as possible and post on here. In the mean time, have a look at the show report here.

We bumped into this lovely fellow after the Dsquared show, no it is not Elliott dressed as an egyptian.Day 4 outfit

Woolrich Woolen Mills followed the Dsquared show with a chat with Daiki Sazuki, the creative director of Woolrich at the showroom presentation. He talked about his inspirations for the collection been the surf culture from the past decades in America. He himself is a keen surfer referenced 1960s surf culture and drew inspiration from outfits they wore then. A recurring pattern within the collection had this nautical image of a ship and ropes:
The clothes were very wearable, catch the show reports and Top5 on Buckstyle later today...

Trends i picked up on in Milan include:
Shorts and crop trousers are here to stay with shorts getting shorter
Bright primary colours
Rucksack and backpacks everywhere
Grey in suiting
Foam soled shoes

Will keep you updated on all the fashion week going ons... Ciao, the next time you here from me will be in Paris... Bon Voyage to me!


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Hi! Big and large post jjeje the next time publish it in parts, i'm exhausted, i read it without breath jajaja

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F. Gonzalez

Celia Loves... said...

I know that was my intention. But as i said, i had problems with my internet in my hotel. I will try my hardest to post a lot shorter blogs in Paris... I am off now! Ciao!

Rollergirl said...

Wow, that was a long post lady! Love the first pic of you with Christopher Bailey, what were you giggling about???

Ok I'm slightly miffed about the McQueen paint splodge look - I shot some of Damien Hirst's Libertine clothes a few months ago (don't ask) including some paint splodge chinos and was so going to nick that look. Flippin McQueen got there first...*huff* That's it, I'm over it already...

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fitz said...

hi! Wow that is so fascinating. I'm really impressed with what Woolrich is doing. I mean, their background is so utilitarian and Northeastern-centric. It's very interesting that they are now embracing California surf culture. I'm excited to see more! I'm also a female (who writes about fashion) but I find myself endlessly inspired by men's fashion.

Ediot said...

youve got such great style sense! love your outfits