Saturday, 27 June 2009

Shoes at Louis Vuitton

Yesterday i popped into the Louis Vuitton building in central Paris for a press appointment to have a close inspection of the SS10 collection and i was not let down. The collection was so strong with fantastic pops of colour. The collection was based around couriers in the city and how they are very much like urban butterflies. There was a butterfly print running through the collection and a vein like pattern on jackets. Colours were bright and poppy- New York Taxi yellows and orange-y reds. The accesories were really something that stood out in the collection to me. Here is a selection of my favourites:A strappy gladiator style that i have been going on about, they are absolutely everywhere. These remind me of comfortable, tourist-y walking/hiking shoes. Pair these with white socks or a pair of Happy Socks for a new take on geek chic. There was also a similar pair in black...
These are incredible. They are sequined shoe, but the colour is interchangeable. Wipe your hand over the shoe to one side and its silver and the wipe it the other way and they are black. I have not seen this done on shoes before. Very clever. I hope these will become very popular. I certanly wil try and use them in an editorial. Myself and the PR did chuckle that they are very Michael Jackson, i hope that wasn't insensitive.
These are stunning. From the front they look like regular shoes from the front, but this magic pop of colour on the heel is fantastic.
Minimal strap sandals
I loves the choice of colour of these metallic/pearl finish lace up shoes. I particularly like the gold coloured ones...

A full show report of the show on Buckstyle coming soon.


Leonard said...

It’s funny that you would call the shoes in the first picture gladiator style because to me they look like those god-awful dessert sandals that were really popular a while ago. I’m sure these are nice and worth the editorial attention, but I’m afraid there could be a matching fanny pack somewhere.

I love your other choices and out of respect for MJ, I’ll refrain from commenting on the silver pair. Maybe we need to see them in profile.

Celia Loves... said...

Yes, i guess the picture i used doesnt depict what i saw well and i know exactly what you mean. Its i guess a variation of all the different types of sandals that i have seen on the runways in Milan and Paris. Funnily enough in the LV showroom there was a leather fanny pack to go with the collection... Hahah!