Thursday, 4 February 2010

Acne AW10- Star Wars the Clone Wars

It is that time of year again! Deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth....

Mmmmm, look at the piled on bangles, love the copper colour, mixed with the pewter. This season Acne are again working with jewellery designer Husam El Odeh.

Jonny Johansson has taken inspiration for this collection this season, from an unlikely source that is Star Wars:
"My sons are completely obsessed with Star Wars and i have to watch and live it everyday, so for this season, I created an aesthetic based around Star Wars the Clone Wars. I am not doing it because i have a choice, it has completely penetrated my world..."
The Acne founder sourced inspiration from the colour palette and the shapes and silhouettes of the movies. He continued last season themes of spirituality an astronomy with the shows make-up direction (huge metallic bindi-like spots on the forehead) and the long and floaty romantic and nomad-like silhouette.
I am in love with the crazy almost nomadic tertiary print of the balloon trousers in the picture above, and teaming the voluminous trouser with the thin spoke heel. Great silhouette...

*COUGH* Erm... please take a look at the shoes (below) that stole the show and my heart! A slouchy, fur lined, leather ankle boot with an incredible caterpillar like tread, with only 4 grooves at the sole...! To die for! Acne's shoes seem to get better and better every year. It never ceases to amaze!

Strangely love the silhouette of the voluminous trouser tucked into the wide boot. It almost reminds me of seeing some teenage girls wearing pyjama bottoms as outer wear and having them tucked into (those horrendously ghastly) Ugg boots! I hate that look, and i hate Ugg boots! But i most certainly like this look..

Love that Acne have again repeated the floor length tube dress silhouette, i am really enjoying that, and looking forward to enjoying it even more over the summer!

The collection was spot on with a perfect mix of fabrics and textures, from sheepskin, suede and wool to drapey silks to reworked and hard looking leather. I am very much looking forward to dissecting the looks more and taking them out of context and making them very personal. I cant wait to get a closer look at them at the press day. Watch this space for a more detailed look...

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