Friday, 3 April 2009


Yes that's right Scholl. As in party feet and and dry cracked heel repair, as in granny clogs in a nursing home and comfort over style. Well it looks like the brand is shedding that image for a more high fashion look. I was so surprised when i set my eyes on these babies, in fact my jaw dropped (These shoes can now be described as 'Jaw dropping-ly Beautiful', you can quote me)! I couldn't believe how beautiful these were, these would look great next to my growing collection of statement shoes.... "Hey come over here and look at my lovely shoe collection: My Stella McCartney's, my Vivienne Westwoods, my Miu Miu's, my Scholl's.....?" Hmm, doesn't quite have that certain ring to it. And the pricing i hear is a little bit on the steep side... Around £400 for the pictures styles... Eeek!

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