Monday, 20 April 2009

Prada AW09

From all the falling in love i seem to be doing this past press day season, you'd think the pain in my knees from all the impact of my love-falling and head-over-heel trips, you would think that would have prepared me for the brilliance of Prada AW09... Well it didn't, I fell so hard.
Seeing the collection simply online and on the catwalk is never the same as actually standing and holding the garments physically in your hands. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:
Velvet high waisted shorts (They looked a bit like batty-riders- so cool)
Absolutely loving this colour, you can not completely see it in this picture i took, it looks a lot more ketchup red, but in fact it is a more crimson red. An amazing colour that packed as much punch as Celia Blue (do i detect a rival)...
Gorgeous sequined Low V dress. And so so heavy to hold.
My favourite look on the catwalk. The thigh/fanny skimming boots i posted on a few months ago. See below for my new favourite boots.
Cute Knee highs. The socks are detachable and there were a few variations in colour ways.

Loving the studded heels, especially the fringing around the ankles of the black pair!

My new favourite boots!! I mean who needs trousers now! They literally were fanny skimming!
And the gorgeous men's studded brogues!!
Look out for some more in my fashion love affairs, Chanel next...!


Ash said...

i really love the studded, men, prada shoes. do you know when they be available at stores in london? thank you. :d

Celia Loves... said...

I think the AW stock hits shops around August/September time. You never know when and if some items will go into production. I hope these do, they are amazing! Would be so good to see people wearing these... If only they had them in Womens sizes...

my fashion saga said...

i own a pair of the mens studded shoes, 1 of only 3 pairs in australia, they are, in the words of rachel zoe, bananas