Monday, 27 April 2009

GO BUY NOW: Galibardy Jewellery

Hungover and tired and very oh-so-spangled, i made the brave decision to leave my house on a Sunday morning and turned my back on to the idea of spending it on the couch (watching Come Dine With Me for 8 hours straight last Sunday was amazing, but what a waste of a day!). I headed into Brick Lane. Lest the fact that i was starving and wanted to eat everything and anything AND everything, i also wanted to hit the Sunday Up Market. What a beautiful day it was so i walked, beautiful flowers (at Columbia Flower market) and lots of beautiful people in shorts, I felt beautiful(ly hungover), everything was beautiful! After the walk down brick lane, i approached the entrance to thus said market and was met by this beautiful-ness:

The jewelery label is called Galibardy. The designer, Lisa Galibardy, whom i met on Sunday, has been hand making jewellery since 2002. Where have i been since then? Why was this not on my radar...?. The pieces i saw were gorgeous, and mostly brass metal or enamel covered brass. My favourites ranged from the teeth pendant, the Polaroid camera pendant, the rocking chair pendant, and the penny farthing pendants. As well as the pendants, the collection ranges from covetable rings to bracelets, earrings, brooches and bangles! And the best part was the price. After enquiring after the price of the set of teeth pendant (my favourite piece), my jaw dropped. Only £34! What a joy to find really beautiful jewellery, that i could have easily had everything in the collection and for such a price. Judging by the size of the stall i couldn't imagine that there were hundreds of each piece, so i guess most pieced are limited edition. Prices ranged from £8-£34. Go to their website now and buy everything or pop in to Brick Lane Sunday Up Market and see everything for yourself. Certainly one to keep an eye out for, i certainly will be a loyal follower! I love it!

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