Thursday, 9 April 2009

D&G, Mary Katrantzou (again!!) and Emilio De La Morena

I have got so much to show and tell, it has just been so blooming busy....where do i start....Here goes, here are my 'Best of' last week press days that i didn't get a chance to post, so i feel up to date...

I was lucky enough to go down to the D&G press day. Now some of you may remember my admiration, inspection and salivation and absolute head over heels lust i exhibited last month after they debuted at Milan fashion week. Well the collection is even more "OMFG" in real life. I felt like a small girl in a fancy dress shop. I never ever thought i was the kind of girl to really be into "period" themed collections. This collection had a very heavy baroque influence running through it with full skirts, applique, heavy brocade fabrics,etc. I am always one for trying things new trends out and i try not to snub at first glance (except for harem pants a year ago- i am now eating my words as i own own a pair and looking for more). But i never thought i would imagine myself sporting a chesterfield pattern bubble skirt or bust, or even a brocade ruffle collar jacket, but i do. I do! And the shoes.... The platforms were so high, you can not fully comprehend the height in this picture but suffice to say "Amazonian Baroque Goddess" comes to my head!
My first introduction to this designer came at the press day- Emilio De La Morena. I was very much impressed. Great use of colour, which i love. Its no Celia Blue of course, but its definitely one i can see myself sporting this summer. The dress pictured on the right had the beaded panel going down the middle and then the side panel was totally sheer but in the same colour. A dress to make a definite statement, a "Look at me" statement which i love!
I posted about Mary Katrantzou's AW09 collection the day after she showed at London fashion week and i was lucky enough to see the collection up close and personal last week. It is as incredible as i imagined. The prints are so sharp on the dresses and the colours so delectable, something i am still hankering and craving for. Will someone put me out of my misery? I would love to see a collaboration with Topshop, some more affordable pieces on the high street... One to look out for i wonder?

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