Thursday, 26 February 2009

First thing i want...

First things first....

So this is my first post as an official blogger! Took me a while but i got here eventually. So i was thinking, there is so much i love, (Meadham Kirchhoff AW09 colection, Eastenders, french subtitled films, etc) and so much i want (all of Meadham Kirchhoff AW09 collection, a pug, a 1980 Nissan Figaro, a penthouse over looking london town), but i am realistic, there is a very big difference between things i love and can physically have. If i was to sit here an blog everything i loved, there would be a million and five posts a day and you would be very bored, and i would be depressed.

So i will start you off with a lil' summin summin that i want want want! Something i have dreams about...Something if i had a gun to my head right now, and had to make a choice of what i wanted the most at the moment, if world piece was out of the question, i guess these babies would have to do:Yes i know, its almose to much, they are incredible. Now i have checked the price and i almost choked on my wheat free treat, £902!!!!
Wowza! So i guess i will not be getting these anytime soon unless, Selfridges or Liberties has an incredulous sale of 90% to a measley £90.20. A girl can only dream.... I wonder if these would ever make it on to the high street?


Elliott James Sainsbury said...


I love your blog, congrats! If i were a girl I would do very bad things to get those cage boots. Pilati is a genius. So are you.


Anonymous said...


Topshop actually has a slight substitude but definetly not anywhere near as nice. I am publishing a post on them soon

XX Brains + Beauty...!

Celia Loves... said...

Oh my god really! Are they available to look at online! I have to see them! i guess they will be more affordable... Looking forward to your post!