Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Office....(the shoe shop)

At the moment, i am in the midst of planning a shoot which i am shooting with a photographer and good friend of mine Holly Falconer.
I have been terribly busy (hence my lazy posting) calling in samples from PRs, running around London on press appointments choosing the best items for the shoot. And then these came in just now (delivered by a sexy french courier):
*cue salivation mechanism*Now it had nothing to do with the way the courier said 'Merci', but i melted like butter in a pan after seeing these. These shoes are gorgeous.... I want....!! (especially the Celia Blue fringed peep toe ankle number on the top.....! *GUSH*

YAY.... Office!! Go you!


Anonymous said...

I loooovv the fringe heels. A little different from the ordinary moccasin or fringed ankle boot.

Celia Loves... said...

They are amazing, i tried them on and just didnt want to take them off! Amazing! I think i need to buy them, and nt to expensive at £85... x