Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Trends to miss...?

Now i know that this blog is about things i love. Things that inspire me, things i like and would like to scream to the world. But there are also some things that i am not sure about such as these...now i don't hate these, as hate is such a strong word. I guess these are just my"Hmmm, ok, lets see the next look..." but your thoughts and comments welcome.....Pam Hogg- A little bit new rave-y, Boombox era for my liking. To be fair the rest of the collection was fun, a range of metallic geometric leotards and dresses. Some things i would wear(to the shock and horror of my peers), but this post is trends to miss so.... The reason to miss this trend is A) Real fur...?(I've got a fur coat but its vintage, i am not a fan of new real fur) B) Multi coloured real fur- Yukerella! C) The yeti look!
House of Blue Eyes- One word: BALLS!
Barbie Runway show- In a way i secretly covet this collection, but that is the 6 year old in me. Add 17 more years and i say NO! I mean really it was a collection of dresses and situations we have seen Barbie in over the years but this...Celia doesn't Love! For this instance I think its the Diane Von Furstenberg-esqu dress and the large Barbie head. No screw it, the dress is OK, it's the big head! Oh and whats that i spy- is that a Barbie luggage range i see in the near future...?(Swoon)Iceberg- Sequined bingo wings- I guess that one way to hide them....Antonio Marras- Yes we are in the grips of the recession but lets try and live a little! Right lady(in the picture), get some scissors, crop that jacket to the belt, carelessly toss that scarf over your shoulder, tie your hair in a high top knot and swap the grey socks for a flash of yellow! Hey presto...Celia Loves!Blumarine- In the words of S-Club-7: "Hootchie mama show your Na-Na!' I guess on some poeple it would look amazing. Cheryl Cole could carry this off well! (That was a compliment!)

Right i am finished been negative! Phew, that took it out of me! More posts to come of things i love love love!

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