Monday, 9 March 2009

Acne AW09 Womenswear collection....

Arghhh! Well, this stunning collection is all a little bit too incredible for me really.

Deep breath....and go...!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the presentation about a month ago (yes that long ago, but the collection has stayed in my mind...!). It was a nice soiree to be part off, hosted in the maze-like labyrinth of Sir John Soane's Museum in Russell Square, home to a jungle of marvellous and remarkable ancient antiques and artifacts. A brilliant alternative to producing a large OTT show and spending thousands and thousands on a late running 15 minute show. Especially in the hard times we keep being reminded about, its remarkable how many designers still are able to do it... Keeping up appearances maybe? To be honest i think
 we will be seeing a lot more of these on the coming seasons, while we are in the grip of the ever looming recession. YSL did it, Acne did it, and more recently Gareth Pugh did it.
The presentation itself was lovely, treated to champagne, a close look at the clothes on the models and an in depth discussion with the designers and gaining an understanding to where the ideas an inspirations came for the collection. Plus a lovely goody bag, with look books, Acne Paper magazine and a hefty scented candle by Swedish brand Byredo Parfums. Lovely!

Now here are the reasons i love the collection so...
  • The see through Jeans (Yes jeans, complete with jean detailing)
  • The see through top (swoon)
  • The one shoulder, puff sleeve dress
  • The cube-on-the-shoulder elongated blazer
  • The fantastical super high platforms (the models we lucky for Acne to put on a static presentation, as some of them were having problems standing in one place let alone strutting with fierceness down a runway)
  • The leather painter sleeveless biker jacket and the pairing with floor length wide leg trousers
  • The jewellery- huge and chunky rings, necklaces and bracelets
  • The overall silhouette
I want it all to be honest, the whole collection was very impressive. And although i was there to report on the menswear for BUCK i couldn't help openly perving on the women's collection. 

Now knowing the Acne price tag, i need to start hatching up plans of acquiring these pieces.... Or as i have been thinking more and more of recently, blowing of the dust of my sewing machine and fashioning myself a pair of see through jeans! Watch this space...!

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