Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Belly tops...

...and exposed bra.

Yes that's right.....I do. Here are a few of my favourites:Prada, Nicole Fahri, Manish Arora (above) YSL, Armand Basi, Chloe, Bernard Chadran (below)
The sun is out and now it is time to shed all those layer... Just make sure those belly buttons are covered, for some reason covering the belly button seems to give a more conservative illusion. There is a fine line with this trend and care need be taken to not end up looking like 90s trash.

I will be sporting my crop tops with high waisted harem pants and A-line past-the-ankle skirts.
I feel it is going to be a big trend for SS09, well i think so at least for those of us who dare to bare... I know i will be....

Right i am off to continue my tummy crunches....where was i? Oh yes 367...368...369...370....!

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