Monday, 2 March 2009

Over the knee, Thigh high, or fanny skimming boots

Ok, so we saw this look ever so slightly for AW08 trends with the OTK boots. I know i had them down on my 'need to get' list from October last year and i did, and i have worn mine to the death and i still love them. They were/are a pair of suedette OTK flat boots, got them for a bargainous-must-never-repeat-price from eBay. I was happy. I thought that my thirst had been quenched.... Oh fashion why do you tease me with you fabulousness....!

Emillio Pucci - I mean come on.... I have been looking for these for so long! The whole Pucci aesthetic this season is to die for. Earthy tones and prints with some flashes of pink and blue. With silhouettes proportions moving from large furs with drainpipes to mini dresses with wide OTK boots and floorlength billowing evening dresses.
Noir/Bllack Noir- These are fun, they were repeated twice in the collection. I wonder, are these attatched a stilleto or is this a one piece? What i like the most about these are they are almost like a transition from the leather look leggings and leather pants. The leather legwarmer...?Very sexy... I want! And last but by no means least... Prada. If you are going to do it, do it properly! My mum always says: "If something is worth doing at all, its worth doing well!" And this is done brilliantly. To be honest, the whole Prada show was incredible, at first i was not sure as it looked like a very similar to a dated catalogue collection(oops sorry) and a bit lazy (double oops), but a few looks in and the brilliance of Miuccia shone through. Her execution and deliverance of the collection- the frizzy haired models with their fierce eyes, the furniture style fabrics on the petite silouettes with the cinched waists. And not to forget the fur and leather seen in complete garments. Yes thats right, i mean fur tops and skirt. Truely daring. And the boots, they are like fishing wading boot!

I guess the next and most direct transition for me, in terms of high bootwear might be these....?

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