Sunday, 1 March 2009

Free shoes...

So yesterday evening i popped into the office to check on a few things as i have been out of the office most of last week due to fashion week and what not. I was very pleased (or not so pleased in the first instance)to find a pile of fashion week tickets which we had not picked up before the shows and secondly, a pastel yellow glossy paper bag with my name on it. Eyes wide open, I quickly tear open the staples sealing the bag together, and inside a box the size of a shoe box wrapped in the most luxurious purple wrapping paper! "SHUT UP!" i scream aloud, alerting Steve to my joy! I carelessly rip open the package, being careful not to salivate on its contents.... and inside were the cutest grey and beige, triangular stack heeled mary-janes courtesy of Clarks shoes. 
Now they probably were not my first choice in free gift of shoes (as a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood or those YSL cage shoes(see post below) would be there first)but they are so cute! Certainly brightened up my evening last night. I am wearing them now so comfy and they give me a bounce in my step!
 Thanks, and keep them coming!