Sunday, 1 March 2009

I love the men too..

In my last post i went on and on about the brilliant womenswear shows on during fashion week and fair-do's it was. What i forgot to do was to equally go on and on about the fantastic menswear shows. Now this is no new news in the fashion world but i think they deserved a good mention. The shows were fantastic and for the first dedicated day to men's fashion at London fashion week, i think London has a lot to be proud about- I certainly am.
Lou Dalton show- The first show of the day, was a brilliant production. A small show held at Kettners in Soho, an old haunt favourite to the late and great Oscar Wild. We were sat on small round tables and fed the finest brownies, cheesecakes and sponges, teas and coffee's. A brilliant day to start the day if you ask me. If you look closely at the 2 photos, you can see me concentrating on the fine details of the clothed on the models, not the models bums! ha! I later went on to interview Lou, She was so lovely...

JW Anderson show- This was brilliant and by far the best show during the Man show at 4pm. It was all so new and exciting, Jonathan tried some new things with knitwear, and fabrics which i think worked oh so well. Including a floorlength full skirt- which somehow i must say looked pleasing to the eye. His jewellery was brilliant as usual, and although some of the pieces as a girl i can not get away with wearing, i will be the first to make an order on the jewellery.Carolyn Massey show- Possibly my favourite of the day and most anticipated show of the menswear day. At BUCK magazine, we work closely with Carolyn and have come to create a good friendship with her. And this show was not to disappoint. I dont know where to begin with all the things i love... the (pictured) PVC cape, the blue bib-fronted shirt, the interesting lapels on the blazers.....oh oh oh! In the words of Beyonce....."if i were a boy...."

Now i must not also mention a friend of mine Katie Eary who also showed a presentation as well. The collection was based on the George Orwell novel 'Animal Farm'. I have always loved Katie's collections from her graduating collection at RCA. Grabbing her inspiration from literature instead of physical imagery i think gives her some advantage to where her imagination can take her and her designs, and i am sure you agree with me, they are quite fantastical!

The excitement of it all, thinking back to it was great! I look forward to see what else London will have up its sleeves in the seasons to come- maybe we can rival Milan and Paris in the menswear shows!

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