Monday, 11 May 2009

Puppy fashions...?

Words fail me too....! This is a dalmatian puppy that my best friend Trushar has acquired. He is about the size of my arm. Every time i look at this photo i squeal in pure excitement! He is the cutest thing. EVER! He is still living with his family in Essex as he is too young to leave them, but the countdown has begun till Bernard/Arnold/Cecil comes home to his new family. T minus 11 days!

But it has made me begin thinking about puppy fashion and in fact dog fashion. I have always thought they were a bit cruel and pointless really, but my line of work and the fact that i will be a mother to it brings other thoughts to my mind... Several dog websites later these are my favourites.....

Studded and so "On-Trend" Will be the coolest pup in London
A little Celia Blue number, and why not!Very Alexander McQueen AW09

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