Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Best dressed MAN of last week...: Elliott James Sainsbury

I am sure Elliott will not be too pleased about this as he is very modest about his great style, but i just had to shout about. The other day (pictured below), Elliott kept his Lanvin blazer on all day, until the heat got the better of him and he peeled it off. No i am sure you will all agree with me, that he looks great. Maybe it is my current obsession with all things stripped, and the fact that he looks great. I love the perfect white ribbed cardigan teamed with the opposing vertical stripe blue and white striped shirt with the sleeve rolled up to casual 3/4 length, and then the insousciantly tied belt and the crumpled cropped trouser. There is something very cool, quite Monaco about it, i can imagine him driving his yatch into the harbour, parking it and then cool-y smoking a cigarette.

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Little Brown Skinned Girl said...

L.O.V.E it.
The cardigan is amazing and the color brings out his skin tone. Simply classic.