Friday, 15 May 2009

Clarks Original- 60th Anniversary

At 60 years old most of us would be looking a bit tired. A bit rough around the edges and not much of a go-er anymore.... (Yours truly excluded), but not Clark's Originals. A few weeks ago I was able to glimpse into the 60th Anniversary collection. Originally designed in 1948 by Nathan Clark as a solution to sustain the harsh surroundings of the desert, over 60 years later the brand is well and truly a golden oldie. The shoe brand is still showing its spark by releasing a collection of Clark's Original shoes, one for each decade since its conception from the 50s-90s:

50s- Inspired by everyday post-war man's attire
60s- Inspired by Liberty's Burton prints and the psychedelic swinging 60s
70s- Inspired by free love and hippy culture
80s- I am not sure why the little pouch signifies the 80s, I would have expected an acid wash, or a punk theme with studs and the like...
90s- Geri Haliwell's iconic Union Jack dress. Cool Britannia... And all that is in again, I have seen a new wave of Union Jack emblazoned garments such as heels, blazers, badges, dresses... Bring on the 90s I say!
The Noughties is an original replica of the original dessert boot.
I love the new styles, I cant wait to see them hit the general public, I know I will be after a pair of each boot. I have already made an order for these below in black:They are a kind of heeled dessert boot. Cute no?

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Anonymous said...

those looks more like a heeled wallaby but who's keeping track