Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Aloha Hawaii...

12 hours from me posting this, i will be on a Virgin Atlantic flight en-route to Hawaii...! Eeek!!

To be honest, it is still all a bit crazy and still hasn't sunk in. It has all been very last minute and spontaneous, only two and a half weeks ago (to be exact) the decision was made that a much needed get-away for my best friend and i was imminent. So we will be joining the newly-weds, honey-mooners and American celebrities (in my head Hawaii is exactly like Forgetting Sarah Marshall) to surf, whale watch and relax . We will be vacationing (as they say in the states), on the island O'ahu, staying on Waikiki Beach, i can imagine there is going to be an immense amount to do out there*
I have just about zipped my suitcase shut and finally got to use this brilliant gadget i got last week. Now i am in no way a gadget geek (the only gadgets i own are my electric toothbrush, my iphone and laptop) but i am thoroughly impressed with it and think everyone should have one. It is a handy luggage scale by Salter that weighs your cases beforehand so you know how much it weighs before arriving at the airport. A lot more accurate than trying to balance a suitcase on a bathroom scale. Genius.
Now baring in mind that i am away for 9 days (2 of those are mainly flying: 18 hours each way, including transit in LAX), i seem to have accumulated:
  1. 2 pairs of heels
  2. 27 pieces of jewellery
  3. 7 tops
  4. 9 bikinis
  5. 1 jumpsuit
  6. 8 dresses
  7. 4 sandals/flip flops
  8. 3 shorts
  9. 5 skirts
  10. 3 trousers/leggings
  11. And seemingly lots of other luggage fillers...

Luckily, with this amazing, device i am able to save myself the embarrassment and stress of finding out at the bag drop off point that my luggage is overweight, and having to (on my hands and knees) reshuffle the hand luggage and check-in luggage. I have of-course failed to divulge the story of that exact scenario happening to myself and Steve Doyle (of BUCK) earlier this year during Milan and Paris menswear fashion week. The less said about that the better, the embarrassment was near fatal...

I look forward to surfing, swimming, snorkeling, rainforest's, volcanoes, whales, turtles, sushi, Luau's and more. I will try my hardest to picture blog as often as possible out there.

*if anyone has any suggestions of places to go and things to do, please run them my way.


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ROBSD said...


Hey, it was great meeting you two in Hawaii last week. Hope your trip back to London went well. I hope to hear from you soon. Johnathan and I are back in San Diego and planning our trip out to London for late this summer so I hope you are ready for some fun! Write me when you get the chance - redusr@ffg46.navy.mil

Talk to you soon,


Sarah said...

Wow, hope you had a great time! Sounds like you packed pretty well. When i came back from Japan i was nearly 20kg OVER the limit with purchases! haha

Great blog xx