Monday, 19 April 2010

Post-Hawaii blues...

No i haven't forgotten to blog, it has just taken this long to get out of the amazing lazy haze Hawaii left me with. Suffice to say my 8 days in Hawaii were tremendous, stupendous and pure paradise, and to much of a good thing will give you a horrendous come down... So 23 days later and with the sun now shining in London to half the strength of the Hawaiian sun i feel that i can commence my life.... (although my heart pangs at the thought of possibly the most beautiful place in the world).
Here are some holiday snaps:A view from the window
Roots on the outside
Whale watching
Lovely floral
Celia Loves hanging loose...

Looking slightly dishevelled after snorkeling
Authentic Hula dancers
Sexy Polynesian men
Post- Luau
A newly-wed couple "hangs loose"
Waterfall at the Polynesian Cultural Center
Me and Obama, hanging loose!
View from outside my hotel
There are rainbows everyday, about 10 a day... This is a double rainbow, see on the left?
Mai-Tai in hand, what more could one ask for...?
Cute fish with buck teeth... awww!
Last day in paradise, i dont know what i am smiling about....!
Anyway, welcome back to reality...!
Hi everyone, what have i missed?

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