Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fashion East: Man AW10

This year saw Katie Eary open the MAN show with a collection inspired by Irvine Welsh’s “Marabou Stork Nightmares”. The collection saw a variety of textures running throughout the collection including furs; wools; photographic technicolour and hallucinatory prints of intertwining and winding green snakes; vibrant purple velvet devore tiger print and orange and lime green mock-croc shirts. I loved all the metallic, reflective neon trousers and matching trainers, as well as the chunky knits, well i loved it all to be honest. I want it all...!
Cult menswear duo Jaiden rVa James followed with a collection that took inspiration from Mad Max films and Tom of Finland books. Think Hell raiser meets Kiss (the band) at Torture Gardens. Model after model charged down the runway in head to toe leather; from leather balaclava with ball gags to a more wearable leather shirt, tie and trousers(!) to over the knee high heeled wedges, possibly signaling a nod towards womenswear for the design duo? Or quite simply just reiterating their signature of pushing sexual taboos and boundaries in fashion. Either way this was possibly a highlight of the day in terms of sheer entertainment and fun, so out there, but still so wearable. I heart the shearling coat, leather strapped trousers and all the wedge heels, i want now!
The final collection of the MAN show was another debuting designer to the show New Power Studio. This collection titled “Drunken Monkey” seeks to embrace and harness the mad-but-good energy of London’s people and its music. Think glad rags for rude boys... The collection saw more casual street wear pieces with sweatshirts sporting leather insert on shoulder, double hemmed sports wear jackets and a mixture of textures in one particular tracksuit of velvet, fleece and cotton jersey. A few surreal and note worthy elements came down the runway including a pair of children one with a drum for a head and the other with a white golf ball for a hand and an OAP on a scooter...

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