Monday, 20 September 2010

Live Catwalk Illustrations by Kelly Anna

You many have noticed her, sat at the front rows of some of the fashion shows this season during LFW, a very well dressed fashion illustrator scribbling and scrawling frantically away. Her name is Kelly Anna, she is a very good friend of mine and incredibly talented. She is doing something that is so new and clever, fashion illustrations of the catwalk collections. Everyone has a camera these days, and everyone is a fashion photographer or street snapper but Kelly's illustrations capture the collections in a more permanent and physical keepsake, a piece of art you want to keep forever and treasure. Have a look at her blog for all the past few days illustrations including shows

Below illustrations from the Eudun Choi show and the designer himself
And her lovely illustrations of me
Celia Loves Kelly Anna!

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Adam Marc James said...

I'm a massive fan of Kellyanna's illustrations...

I love your blog too. How about following mine?

I started it today....